Holiday Cooking Ideas With Smoked Sea Salt

Are you looking for a way to elevate your holiday spread a little? It’s time to explore the benefits of smoked sea salt and other fine spices in your favorite recipes. 

Why Use Smoked Sea Salt in Your Holiday Recipes?

Smoked sea salt is the best way to add a touch of wood-fired flavor to your food without actually bothering to light the grill. When combined with other herbs and spices, like chipotle or habanero peppers, smoked sea salt can enhance virtually any holiday dish.

If you’re short on ideas, don’t worry — we’ve got plenty to share. Here are some of our top recipe suggestions:

Give Your Holiday Cocktails Some Signature Style

Salt suppresses bitter flavors, so when you add it to a drink it pumps up the intensity of everything else. Sweet flavors taste sweeter and sour notes get stronger. That makes it ideal to enhance drinks that can otherwise prove too bitter for many.

Give the classic Bloody Mary a special twist for the holidays by substituting a little smoked sea salt and habanero pepper in place of the black pepper and celery salt for a smokey-spicy flavor that’s particularly warming. Or, grab some smoked chili powder and combine it with sea salt to line the rim of the glass when you make a fabulous, upscale spicy margarita.

Add an Exotic Flair to Both Salty Snacks and Sweet Treats 

Snacks are an integral part of the holiday tradition, so you need to keep plenty on hand for both your family and your guests whether they prefer salty or sweet.

You can turn ordinary popcorn into a gourmet, Mexican-inspired treat with a little smoked chili powder. (You can follow this recipe from San Francisco or let your creativity shine and experiment.) Or, add a little smoked salt to bring out the umami in your sweets by sprinkling it on the caramel sauce for your holiday cheesecake or adding a light dusting to the top of your chocolate chip cookies for Santa.

Infuse Your Holiday Breads and Meats With Exceptional Flavor

Bread is a big part of many holiday traditions and there’s nothing better than seeing homemade biscuits on the table for dinner. Chipolte flavor pairs beautifully with cheddar cheese for a tangy taste that will have everyone reaching for seconds. 

If you’re ready to kick your main dish up a notch, however, don’t forget the smoked pasilla pepper rub when you’re getting your meats ready to cook! Pasilla pepper has an earthy, fruity flavor that’s slightly sweet, and it’s indispensable to Mexican cuisine — but never overpowering. The pasilla pepper’s intensity can best be compared to that of a very mild jalapeño, which means that even people who don’t like a lot of heat on their food can enjoy its flavor.

If you’ve been stuck in a rut lately when you cook and you’re tired of reaching for the garlic just to get some flavor in your food, give smoked sea salt and a few more exotic spices a try. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

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