Starting Fresh: New Luxury Cotton Towels for the New Year

The new year is, for many folks, a time for new beginnings. Some people start a new diet, while others start an exercise routine. Some resolve to improve their financial states, while others set personal goals related to changing their romantic lives, their education, or their careers.

But have you thought about changing your towels?

Why Should You Consider Buying New Towels?

It’s often the small details in life that make or break your day, and wrapping yourself up in a soft, thick, cotton towel once you step out of the bath or shower is definitely an underrated luxury.

It’s a huge disappointment, then, when the only towels in your reach are thin and dingy. Even worse, your towels may have started to carry a vaguely unpleasant odor — even when they’re clean. 

Towels have to sop up a lot of water, and they don’t always get a chance to fully dry when they’re hanging in a bathroom. That can allow dead skin cells, sweat and bacteria to build up in the nap of your towels, even if you follow the Cleaning Institute’s recommendation and wash them every three uses.

New luxury white cotton towels not only feel better to the touch, but they’re also better for you because they keep that bacteria away from sensitive skin and help eliminate allergens. 

How Can You Tell It’s Time to Replace Your Towels?

Towels that still look and feel okay but have developed an odor can be laundered on a sanitizing cycle or treated with vinegar to try to prolong their life cycle. You should still consider replacing them anyhow whenever:

  • The towel has an odor that returns after just one or two uses. This indicates that the bacteria has gone deep within the fibers and is not coming out.
  • The towel isn’t absorbing water properly. Even the best fibers will eventually break down, at which point they simply can’t do their job and soak up the moisture from your body with the same ease.
  • You can’t remember the last time you bought new towels. The odds are good that if you’ve forgotten how long you’ve owned your towels, their best days are behind them.

When a towel looks worn out, however, it is worn out. Towels that are noticeably frayed or thin should be relegated to the recycle bin or rag bag. 

Why Should You Invest in Luxury Cotton Towels?

In general, towels made from premium cotton are simply more absorbent than other materials. They’re also naturally softer than towels made from polyester or nylon mixes, and they tend to get softer with use. That’s particularly important if you have sensitive skin or just want to create an air of simple luxury inside your home.

Luxury white cotton towels also have a better level of absorbency than other kinds of towels, which means that they’re more effective at removing water, body oils, dead skin, and soap residue than other towels — which is always better for your well-being.

The new year is time for new things, so don’t be afraid to indulge in a little extra self-care to start things off the right way.

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